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5th Winterthur Chess Weektransp.gifengl.gif

Martin Ballmann  President of the Chess Week's organizing committee
The 5th edition of the Winterthur Chess Week will take place October 7th until October 15th. The numerous participation of players, helpers and last but not least sponsors and donators has shown us, that we are on the right track and confirmed us to continue carrying out the tournament.

Beside the annual tournaments (the open, the youth open and the blitz singles) in this year's Chess Week a young players' invitational tournament will be held. The chess festival will be completed once again by a teams' blitz tournament, which replaced the second blitz singles one year ago.

The organizing committee of the 5th Winterthur Chess Week wishes every participant nice games and a good time in Winterthur!

  Schachverband Winterthur (SVW) LogoSVW
Tournament Hall
  Kirchgemeindehaus Winterthur-Altstadt
Liebestr. 3, 8400 Winterthur

The tournament hall  A glance at the 2002's edition of the Winterthur Chess Week.
The venue
The Parish Hall in the
Organizing Committee
  Chairman Martin Ballmann
  Sekretary André Hirzel
  Treasurer/Inscriptions Charles Nydegger
  Competition Organizer Roland Zülle
  Matching Peter Karrer
  IT/Results Martin Rapold
  Catering Walter Hollenstein
  Photos Heini Scherrer
  Internet Sebastian Gattenlöhner
  On this homepage: Online Inscription;
E-Mail: chnydegger@bluewin.ch;
Charles Nydegger, Am Bach 58, 8400 Winterthur
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  Monday, September 26th, 2005


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