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(9 - 16 October 2010)


Master Open: Bellaiche – with GM Norm – and Perunovic Joint Winners
Posted on 16. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

Winners of the Master Open, from left:
IM Anthony Bellaiche (FRA), GM Milos Perunovic (SRB), GM Mikhail Ulibin (RUS)

Master Open: Finally, IM Anthony Bellaiche (FRA) after draw against IM Severin Papa and GM Milos Perunovic (SRB), having defeated FM Istvan Blasko (HUN), are exactly equally standing in both points and Buchholz classification, and hence joint winners of the tournament. Bellaiche reaches his first GM norm. GM Mikhail Ulibin (RUS) is third with half a point lag.

Prize winners of the General Open
Back, from left: Paul Bosshard (3.), Stephan Bachofner (4.), Jens Ebeling (5.), Sai Saikrishnan (best Junior), Philipp Keller (best under 1800 Elo), Alan Berset (9.), Victor Dobroczy (winner), Urs Leuenberger (2.), Reinhold Näpflin (8.)
Front, from left: Siegfried Jörke (best under 1600 Elo), Hans Peier (7.), Erika Reust (10.), Ruth Huber (best lady), Karl Denzlinger (best senior)

General Open: The winner is Victor Dobroczy (HUN), with a half-point lag followed by Urs Leuenberger (Zurich). Paul Bosshard (Winterthur), long-time leader, hence deserving his third rank, missed a piece- and tournament-winning line and lost the game in the end.

Eighth Round: On the Finishing Straight

Posted on 15. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

In the Master Open IM Bellaiche (FRA) can make everything clear under his own power but has to play as Black in the final round. GM Perunovic (SRB) needs help by IM Papa who plays as White against Bellaiche. Perunovic has the advantage of the first move against FM Blasko (HUN). There is a good indication that the winner’s name will be Bellaiche or Perunovic.

In the General Open, Paul Bosshard (Winterthur) defeated Alfred Dönni and made his way back to the top. Due to his long staying on top he has collected many Buchholz points which, theoretically, give him best chance to win. Both he and his hardest competitor Victor Dobroczy (HUN) play as Black in the final round.

Team Blitz Tournament
Posted on 15. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

As usual, it has been a real pleasure for those participating. For lower-rated players it is inspiring to play side by side of the grandmasters and, who knows, be successful. Winner is the team “Bonanza” (Schmid, Langwieser, Pepke, Panek).

Seventh Round: Hard Times for Co-Leaders
Posted on 15. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

In both Open categories the seventh round has been a trouble round for co-leaders. A liquidity problem of the brain, probably? Whatever the reasons may be, WIM Helene Mira had not been suffering from liquid shortage in the previous round and won against Harry Oesch.

Master Open

Roger Gloor (Schafisheim) has played a phantastic game and defeated the former co-leader IM Gabriel Battaglini (FRA) with tactical brilliance. He is now in the fourth position of the standings table, on eye level with all grandmasters and in front of no less than eleven titled players. The second to last round will be very tough for him – with GM Perunovic.

General Open

Paul Bosshard (Winterthur) had to accept his first lost game against Jens Ebeling (GER). Victor Dobroczy (HUN) is now single leader. Ebeling has managed to catch up to the closest chasers Bosshard and Bachofner. One of these four players will probably be the winner. Time will tell.

Two Rounds Chess Marathon
Posted on 13. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

One full round in the morning plus one full round in the afternoon is a demanding task in terms of physical and mental condition, endurance and concentration. Here are some impressions from the previous day…

Master Open: Nothing New in the West …

Since the fourth round the two French IM Bellaiche and Battaglini are leading the standings table. Closest chaser is now GM Milos Perunovic (SRB). All others have at least a one point lag. Junior Rosenthal and Senior IM Bhend are still in the top ten.

General Open: … and Nothing in the East

The old leaders are the new ones: Bosshard, Dobroczy, Bachofner. All favourites have shown what’s important in chess: fitness, endurance, concentration.

And if the reporter is more brief than usual you may understand the reason well: He, too, has played two rounds.

Fourth Round: Jour Français and the Shortest Game
Posted on 12. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

This must have been the shortest game in the annals of Winterthur Chess Week – after less than a minute it was over and the loser gave an immediate handshake. The reason could be heard across the whole tournament hall. It cannot be repeated too often: Turn off your mobile, chess player! And don’t be late in order not to miss the referee’s warning.

Master Open

Half a point out of three games – this is the result of the three grandmasters. Two of them had a hard life against strong international masters from France: IM Anthony Bellaiche (photo) defeated GM Ulibin, and IM Gabriel Battaglini won against GM Milanovic. The two are leading the standings table with 3,5 points each.

They are closely followed by a pack of six with Junior Jonathan Rosenthal and Senior IM Edwin Bhend.

General Open

A leading trio has the maximum of four points –   Paul Bosshard (Winterthur), Victor Dobroczy (HUN) and Stephan Bachofner (Oberwil). Best player with less than 1800 Elo is Karl Denzlinger (Uhwiesen) on fifth place, only with a half-point lag.

Till Roost (Kleinandelfingen) wins the Youth Open

Today the two final rounds have been played. And both of them have seen  Till Roost (Kleinandelfingen) as winner; he wins the tournament in an impressive manner: six wins in seven rounds, only one draw. Congratulations! Second, with a one point lag, is Robin Sierra (Winterthur), followed by Stefan Kurz (Flawil) and Julius Kisters (Kreuzlingen).

Final standings …

Third Round: GM Ulibin Joins the Leading Pack
Posted on 11. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

All of the former leading pack drew their games, so GM Mikhail Ulibin (RUS) managed to join with his victory against Jean de Lagontrie (FRA).

The chasing pack had its joiners, too, resulting in no less than 17 players within the range of a half point. The outcome of the race is thus as uncertain as hardly ever before.

As in the previous rounds it is a pleasure to watch the performances of both Juniors Julian Schärer and Jonathan Rosenthal and of the Senior IM Edwin Bhend, all very close runner-ups. Next round we’ll see the duel of the youngsters.

General Open

In the General Open Paul Bosshard (Winterthur) and Victor Dobroczy (HUN) are leading the pack with best fine ranking, followed by another five participants with the maximum of points – among them the best lady Erika Reust (Volketswil).

Anyway, it has been Ladies Day this round: Michèle Britschgi (Sarnen) defeated a higher ranked opponent; Ruth Huber (Winterthur) and Agatha Schuler (Zurich) also won their games. Not one lady has lost, nor in the Master Open nor in the General Open.

Youth Open

In the Youth Open the third last round has been played. Leader Till Roost had to concede half a point and is now closely chased by Robin Sierra.

The race is thus getting more suspense two rounds before the end.

GM Perunovic wins Single Blitz Tournament
Posted on 11. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

After nine rounds with 26 participants GM Milos Perunovic won with 7 points. On the second place we find IM Beat Züger, who does not participate in the Master Open, with 6,5 points and best fine ranking, followed by GM Danilo Milanovic (6,5) and IM Anthony Bellaiche (6). IM Nedeljko Kelecevic on the fifth rank (6) as best Winterthur player is once more City Blitz Champion.

Second Round: Young Talents and Bedrock Veterans
Posted on 10. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

Once more Junior Julian Schärer (Frauenfeld) remained undefeated against a much higher rated titled player – with a draw against IM Severin Papa. Another young talent, Jonathan Rosenthal (Zollikon), managed to reach the half point against GM Mikhail Ulibin (RUS). The performance of Seniors easily can keep up with the youngsters: Swiss bedrock veteran IM Edwin Bhend (Swiss Chess Champion 1966) drew against GM Danilo Milanovic and the French Senior Jean de Lagontrie against FM Istvan Blasko.

Of the three Grandmasters only GM Milos Perunovic (SRB) has remained without point loss. He is leading the Master Open together with the three IM Anthony Bellaiche, Gabriel Battaglini (both FRA) and Milos Pavlovic (SRB).

In the General Open as well, Juniors and Seniors have shown excellent performances: Salim Turki and Charles Nydegger (both Winterthur) defeated much higher rated opponents and established themselves without point loss in the leading pack. Janusz Barczyk (Zurich) managed this trick for the second time in a row; it may not be very usual that a participant from the lower end of the starting list is still playing in the front area of a third round.

In the Youth Open, two rounds have been played today. After the third round, Till Roost (Kleinandelfingen) is the single leader with three points, followed by Stefan Kurz (Flawil), Julius Kisters (Kreuzlingen), Robin Sierra (Winterthur) and Dominik Böhi (Frauenfeld), each one with two points.

Results of the First Round
Posted on 9. October 2010 by Christian Bachmann

GM Milos Perunovic (SRB) as leader of the starting list won as expected, as did most of the titled players. A heavy surprise is the victory of Junior Julian Schärer (Frauenfeld) against FM Bruno Kamber. Gerard Gorse (FRA) and Hansuli Remensberger (Bassersdorf) also defeated higher rated opponents; Bruno Zülle (Frauenfeld), Mihailo Gordic (Zurich) and Harry Oesch (Affoltern am Albis) managed a draw.

In the General Open no less than eight praticipants won against higher ranked players: Samuel Bucher (Rapperswil), Leonard Züst (Egg), Peter Turnheer (Zurich), David Bernet (Bronschhofen), Otakar Mares (Pfäffikon), Janusz Barczyk (Zurich), Manfred Thonig (GER) and Christoph Fischer (Horgen). The draw rate remained low in this category: Siegfried Jörke and Paul Lincke (both Winterthur) reached the half point.

No surprise in the Youth Open: All higher rated players won their games.